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Sprout Strong

Building Strong Bodies for a Collapsing World



and I want to help you get strong. 

The pronouns I accept are They/Them. 


I’ve held a NASM-CPT since July 2019 but I’ve loved training and being trained my whole life. I’ve been a dancer, a roller derby skater and a powerlifter. And, as a neurodivergent individual, movement means a lot to me. 


Being in this body, in this world, can be exhausting and liberating all at once; and being sweaty, in the moment, and leaving it all on the platform, the track, or the stage is one of my favorite ways to exist. 


I believe that all bodies are inherently good, whole bodies. 

I refuse to operate under the notion that thin equals health, but I also refuse the narrative that we owe anyone health. Your body is your own and if you want to move it, I would love it if you wanted to move it with me. I’m always learning and I try my best to work from

a place of body neutrality. 


I am anti-racist and I would be honored if my clients of color would take full advantage of my sliding scale. In the future I will be offering scholarships to anyone for whom my pricing would be a hardship.

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Plans and Pricing

UPDATE: As of March 1st 2023 my personal training books are closed. To sign up for a waitlist, please fill out my form and you will hear from me if a spot opens in my availability.


Individualized 30-minute and 60-minute training sessions at my home gym, or via google hangouts.


Our time together includes a warm-up and cool down. 60 minute sessions have approximately 35–45 minute workouts. 30 minute sessions have approximately 15–20 minute workouts.

30 minute single session:

$35–$65 sliding scale

60 minute single session:

$45-$75 sliding scale

8 and 12 session discounted packages are available:

8 Session Bundle–Take $5 off your sliding scale per session cost and multiply by 8

12 Session Bundle–Take $10 off your sliding scale per session cost and multiply by 12


Customized programming for you to do in your own home or gym. 

Each program is 6 weeks of workouts, with 1-4 workouts per week based on what fits you best and what your goals are focused on.


After the first 2-3 weeks of workouts, you'll let me know how it's going and I'll make some small tweaks to your program based on your feedback. 


1 optional 20 minute video check-in before you start your program (but after you've got it in hand) is included to answer any questions you have, and review movements.

 $60-120 sliding scale

Choose from my non-customized strength or agility workouts.


Included are two or three, 30-45 minute workouts to do in your own space, on your own time and at your own pace.


These have low equipment requirements and can be done with standard gym equipment, items around the home, or with no additional weights at all. 

2 workouts: 

$20-$45 sliding scale

3 workouts:

$30-$60 sliding scale

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What clients say

I started working with Sprout 6 months ago when I was exhausted from my busy schedule and creating my own workouts. When 2021 hit I made it a goal to do a pull-up before I was 30, well I was very close to that goal when I started with Sprout and within a couple of weeks I met that goal. So I decided to up it to 10 pull ups within 6 months which seemed lofty. Sprout got me there the day before I turned 30!


Sprout not only helped me reach my goals but they also listen to me throughout the way, when I was tired and needed to back down or when I asked them to incorporate different things like landmine lifts. I really liked that they included links to YouTube videos for exercises I was like “what are they talking about” and boom one click and I was seeing my next sweaty move within seconds. I recommend sprout and look forward to continuing to work with them! 

Sami E.

I had truly forgotten how good strength training feels. (Even though my arms feel like wet noodles right now! ) I usually had people directing my workouts who were pushing me *way* too hard, up to or even past the point of injury. And yes, I was often one of those people. It's so amazing how you can encourage me without me ever feeling pushed.


I've had people trying to suggest I stop seeing you while I'm injured, and I'm like, no guys, y'all have no idea what *my* trainer is like. They're nothing like what you think. They're absolutely not going to let me hurt myself worse. And I love that you can ask me about maybe adding more weight, and I feel free to say no, not yet, and I don't worry that I'm somehow disappointing you. That there's something wrong or shameful in me not being ready to progress yet. It's just a check in, and it comes across that way. (And with me, that's a minor miracle.) And it's just straight up fun. I like spending time with you. Our friendship has come to mean a lot to me.

Pippa P.

I highly recommend Sprout as an athletic trainer. I've been big and active my whole life and always struggled with lower back pain

and a few years back, random knee pain. Since doing Sprout's workouts, physically, I no longer have lower back pain when I walk, run or skate. I ACTUALLY can jog and my knees don't give me trouble.


Mentally I feel better about myself and limit myself less. Sprout is inquisitive about my needs and how things make my body feel.

The workouts are fun and I appreciate that they really work with me to do exercises I enjoy. 

Crystal L.–Z.

The best thing about Sprout's training, isn't just the workout pieces. It's the understanding of your body and human nature as well. They help you build a program that fits you and allows you fluidity, as life is not constant.


And one of the best parts of working with Sprout is they use standard trainer language things, like "alright!" but don't have to be a pushy trainer persona that can be demotivating for a person like me. They have the right amount of push and give to keep me focused on my goals. 

Natalie W.

Sprout's training is thoughtful and body positive. They customized my workouts around my previous injuries and sensitivities in a way that really helped me feel stronger and more stable than ever before.


Hands down the best training I've ever had and I am so excited to keep going!

Stefanie S.

I had a great experience working with Sprout. I was new to weight training, and they made everything very accessible. I was able to greatly improve my strength and balance out different areas of strength in my body after a couple of months of working with them. I still use a lot of the moves and workouts they provided over a year later! Sprout is encouraging, kind, and fun, all while challenging you to do your best!


I also appreciate Sprout’s focus on getting you strong, and not on weight loss or body shape. That was something important to me in any fitness programming, and working with Sprout was a body-positive and empowering experience for me!

Kate W.

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